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3-Way Connections ~  Video Series

Featured speakers: Carrie Radnov, Leanne Harris, Dahlya Brown

  3-Way Connections: Part 1

Recorded Dec. 3, 2018

Overview of our System for 3 way Calls

1. Preparation before the Call for best results

       Establish time, place, purpose & Intel

        Best practices to request a 3-way  

        Best practices to invite to the 3-way

2. Three Parts of the Call

        Introduction, Content, Conclusion

3. Next Steps after the Call

        Debrief to learn and plan next steps

This video explains the 3-way call by giving an overview of our system and explains the preparation and introduction in more depth. It includes humorous role playing examples,

3-Way Connections:  Part 2

Recorded Dec. 17, 2018

This video begins with a story and then goes into a training on 3 way calls it includes role plays of do & don't and gives verbiage examples that are helpful to develop our skills in using this transformational tool.

This video features Dahlya Brown and Raynie Horton sharing their experiences and stories about how to successfully execute 3-way calls.  More verbiage and examples of why and how to use this amazing tool.

This video features Carrie Radnov and Leanne Harris who dive deeper into the system of how to successfully execute 3-way calls.  

This video series is designed to help us all unlock the mystery sometimes associated with 3-way calls.

It includes:

1) Why they are so important

2) How to do them successfully

3) What skills we can practice.

2. Stories & Examples

1. Stories & Examples

Digging Deeper

Digging Deeper