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Manual Tracker

View Examples:  Promo vs Posted PVC  

Scroll down to see how to select Promo PVC to track to 2000+ and Posted PVC to track to Qualify

  Left Side    ~  Promo / Posted PVC

  Right Side ~  Monthly Summaries

Click to Download 2000+ Automated Tracker Example

(Requirments: 2011 Excel or higher with macros enabled)

July Monthly Summary

Scroll to right when in Excel Tracker

1) Track Promo PVC to 2000+

Enter Customer Name, Date & Select Product from Drop Down

The Retail Profit was automatically generated... $403

                    You type the HLP Bonus of ........... $100

                     You type the 2000+ Bonus of ........ $300


1 Normal View:                    1 Click to Display Promotional PVC (only)

2 Show Qualifying Data      2 Click to Display Promo & Posted PVC

3 Hide Promotional Data:   3 Click to Display Posted PVC  (only)

4 Show Qualifying Data      4 Click to Display Posted PVC & SC Data

PVC Menu: Select Promo or Posted PVC

                             1) Normal is the default to Track Promo to 2000+  

             Select:    3) "Hide" to Track Posted PVC to Qualify


2) Track Posted PVC to Customer Qualify

Once reach 2000+  ~  Click Hide Promo PVC to Display Posted PVC

6 Mo Fast Track Summary

Scroll to down on right -  Select Month from drop down

PVC Menu Location

Scroll to right - It's under Column K next to Monthly Summary

Scroll down for "PVC Menu"

  to select Promo / Posted PVC  


$803.00 Total includes Retail Profit & TBB's


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6 Mo Conference Summary

Scroll down on right -  Select Month from drop down