Maximizing the Summer Blitz

June -  July -  August

Tools to Sponsor New Partners

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  00 Come Join Us Blitz Information Guide

  01 Partner+ Getting Started Checklist

  02 QSC Getting Started Checklist:  (See Expand List)

Step 1: Identify 5 People: Dream Team Worksheet

Step 3: Invitation Process: Inviting a New Team Member

Step 2: Complete Profile Sheets on the 5 People

        then connect with your success team for next steps

Juice Plus Insights

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Start JP Now FB Recordings

Start JP Now Presentation Slides


  03 Next Step:  Qualify Your Business on way to SC

The Video:  Achieve Your Dreams with Power of 3

* Includes how to create income  

* How to Qulifying Your Business

Use this video to cast vision of

what's possible for new partners


"Achieve Your Dreams

with the Power of 3"